IACLE Image of the Month

Would you like to share your best clinical images with other IACLE members and gain recognition for your skills?

IMAGE OF THE MONTH is a new monthly feature to highlight your photographic skills. From January 2018, each month’s Global Members Newsletter will feature an image added to our new IACLE Image Collection. At the end of the year the IACLE Education Team will award the IMAGE OF THE YEAR.

Each year’s collection will be accessible exclusively to IACLE members via our Online Resources to use in their teaching. Images can illustrate any topic related to contact lenses and anterior eye.    

Click here for the submission form to submit your image

Complete the form for each image submitted and email it with your image to IACLE Director of Educational Programs Nilesh Thite at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Images must be in jpeg format and file size should be between 1Mb and 3Mb.

FIACLE Gauri Kunjeer from Nagar School of Optometry in Ahmedabad, India became the first IACLE member to contribute an anterior eye photograph for the 2018 IACLE Image Collection.

Her pictured image shows a Rose K Post Graft design on a post-DALK (Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty) toric cornea, showing insufficient clearance and staining.

This image is captured using fluorescein dye and cobalt blue light with diffused illumination.  It is captured with the help iPhone 6S and Slit lamp bio-microscope (no other accessories used).




IACLE Image Collections

IACLE has several image collections available for download under Image Gallery via Member Login. These include the Original IACLE Image Collection, the AOCLE Image Collection and the recently added Salazar Image Collection. Access to the Alcon Image Library is also available to Fellows of IACLE on request. 

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