IACLE produces a range of educational resources for contact lens education

IACLE provides a range of educational materials and essential teaching aids to help you be the best in contact lens education. 

Our resources are aimed at eye care professionals:

-       Who teach contact lens education AND

-       Students studying contact lenses

Resources offered to members and how to access them

Details of all the following resources are available by clicking on the links below. IACLE members can access all these programs on joining our association.

The contact lens educator's must-have teaching resource, exclusive to IACLE members. 

Members receive access to IACLE's online resources via member login on our Home page. Members can also request access by emailing us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

These include:

-       Online Educational Programs

-       The IACLE Case Report Series (20 in English, 15 in multiple languages)

-       Image Gallery

-       Contributed Resources

-       IACLE Resources

-       Video Resources

-       Links to Useful Resources

-       Research

-       Industry Resources


  • Resource Centre Materials

IACLE members can also access a

collection of resource materials at IACLE Resource Centres. 


  • Research Update

IACLE and BCLA have taken the step of providing a regular, monthly summary of important and interesting contact lens-related research papers published in the literature for your quick reference. Read more…


The following resources are available free to non-IACLE members by clicking on the links below:

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