Distance Learning Program

New DLP Update!

A New DLP that is aligned with the most recent version of our Contact Lens Course, the New ICLC, is currently being prepared and will be released in July 2018.  Progress updates will be provided in our monthly member newsletters.

What is the DLP program? image of lady completing exam

  • A self study program
  • Designed to improve contact lens educators’ knowledge about contact lenses and educate them on how to teach contact lenses

Who can participate in the DLP?

  • IACLE members (all membership types) free of charge
  • Members access the DLP via the member login of our website, section 'Online Educational Programs' and follow the instructions and download all that they need from there

Who does IACLE recommend this program for?

All members of IACLE, in particular those who are:
    - Teachers of contact lens education AND,
    - Members who are striving to become Fellows of IACLE (FIACLEs)

How does the program work?

The DLP works like a study aid for IACLE’s Contact Lens Course by having the member work through the course module-by-module.  After working through certain sections of the course, the member pauses to complete an assignment and submits that to IACLE for scoring and feedback.  After analysis is provided, the member moves onto the next study phase and this cycle is repeated until all modules of the course have been covered and all phases of the DLP completed.

DLP Content and Format

Currently the DLP is being reformatted and edited to comply with the format of the New ICLC.

Here's how the existing DLP works (soon to be replaced in July 2018)

- The program is made up of 4 phases
- Each phase requires the completion of 5 assignments
- Assignments are multiple choice question sheets

The phases are based on the modules of IACLE’s Contact Lens Course as follows:

Phase 1:
Module 1: Anterior Segment of the Eye
Module 2: Introduction of Contact Lenses
Module 3: Contact Lens Fitting

Phase 2:
Module 3: Contact Lens Fitting
Module 4: Examination Procedures for Contact Lens Patients
Module 5: Care & Maintenance

Phase 3:
Module 6: The Cornea in Contact Lens Wear
Module 7: Contact Lens Related Ocular Complications

Phase 4:
Module 8: Special Contact Lens Fitting
Module 9: Special Topics
Module 10: Business Aspects of Contact Lens Practices

Examples of assignment questions


Language Formats (original DLP)

The original DLP assignments are available in:
Chinese (simplified)

How can members access the program?

The program is downloaded from the member log in section of our website.  Members must submit an application form to their local/regional IACLE office and can begin anytime to complete the program phase by phase.

Members simply start from phase 1 and work their way up to phase 4 by downloading the assignments and the corresponding answer sheet where answers are recorded (a, b, c, or d).  Members are required to submit only their answer sheets to IACLE for processing and we recommend that you wait for your score before starting a new assignment, as further study on submitted assignments may be required.

Register Now


Note - you do not need to wait for confirmation or approval from IACLE - you may download the course now and begin the program.
Submit your registration form to your Regional Coordinator or the IACLE Secretariat.